Copper Branch Franchise Costs, Profit & Requirements For 2024

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Copper Branch Franchise

Copper Branch stands out in the competitive restaurant market with its commitment to clean, green, and sustainable practices. The menu features a wide range of options, including power bowls, burgers, smoothies, and desserts, all made from 100% plant-based ingredients.

The brand also focuses on sourcing non-GMO, organic, and locally-produced ingredients whenever possible. This dedication to health and sustainability has earned Copper Branch a loyal customer base and a reputation as a leader in the plant-based food industry.


Copper Branch Brand Introduction

Copper Branch is a fast-casual restaurant chain that has made a significant impact in the plant-based dining industry.


Founded in 2014 in Montreal, Canada, Copper Branch was established with the vision of providing wholesome, plant-based foods that promote health and sustainability. The brand’s mission is to empower, energize, and make people feel their best through high-quality, nutritious, and delicious plant-based meals.


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Copper Branch Franchise Fees

Investing in a Copper Branch franchise involves several financial considerations. The initial franchise fee is typically in the range of $35,000 to $40,000. This fee grants franchisees the right to use the Copper Branch brand name, trademarks, and business model. It also covers initial training and support from the corporate team.

In addition to the franchise fee, prospective franchisees should be prepared for other startup costs, which can vary depending on location and size of the restaurant. These costs generally include:

Real Estate and Construction: Costs for leasing or purchasing a location, along with renovation and construction expenses, can range from $300,000 to $500,000.

Equipment and Fixtures: The cost of kitchen equipment, furniture, and fixtures typically falls between $100,000 and $150,000.

Initial Inventory: Stocking the restaurant with the necessary food and supplies generally requires an investment of $10,000 to $20,000.

Marketing and Advertising: Initial marketing efforts, including local advertising and grand opening promotions, can cost around $10,000 to $20,000.

Working Capital: It’s advisable to have additional funds available for operating expenses during the first few months, which can range from $50,000 to $100,000.

Overall, the total initial investment for opening a Copper Branch franchise can range from $500,000 to $800,000, depending on various factors.

Copper Branch Franchise Conditions

Copper Branch has specific criteria and conditions that potential franchisees must meet to be considered for a franchise opportunity.

These conditions are designed to ensure that franchisees are well-prepared to operate a successful restaurant and uphold the brand’s standards.

Financial Requirements: Prospective franchisees must have a minimum net worth of $500,000 and liquid assets of at least $200,000.

This financial stability ensures that franchisees can cover the initial investment and sustain operations during the early stages of the business.

Experience: While previous restaurant or business ownership experience is beneficial, it is not a strict requirement.

However, Copper Branch does look for individuals who possess strong leadership, management, and customer service skills. A passion for health, wellness, and sustainability is also highly valued.

Commitment: Franchisees must be committed to the brand’s mission and values. This includes a dedication to providing high-quality, plant-based foods and maintaining sustainable business practices.

Franchisees should be prepared to actively manage and operate the restaurant, ensuring that it meets Copper Branch’s standards of excellence.

Location: Copper Branch has specific criteria for selecting franchise locations. Ideal locations are in high-traffic areas with good visibility and accessibility. Urban centers, shopping districts, and areas near universities or business districts are preferred. The company provides guidance and support in selecting and securing an appropriate location.

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Copper Branch Franchise Process

The process of becoming a Copper Branch franchisee involves several steps, each designed to ensure that both the franchisee and the franchisor are well-aligned and prepared for a successful partnership.

Here is an overview of the typical franchise process:

Initial Inquiry: The process begins with an initial inquiry, where potential franchisees express their interest in the Copper Branch franchise opportunity. This can be done through the company’s website or by contacting the franchise development team directly.

Application and Evaluation: Interested candidates are required to complete a franchise application form, providing detailed information about their background, experience, and financial situation. The Copper Branch team reviews the application to determine if the candidate meets the initial criteria.

Discovery Day: Qualified candidates are invited to a Discovery Day at Copper Branch’s headquarters. During this visit, candidates have the opportunity to meet with the corporate team, tour existing restaurants, and gain a deeper understanding of the brand’s operations and culture. This is a crucial step in determining if the franchise is a good fit for both parties.

Franchise Agreement: If both the candidate and Copper Branch agree to move forward, the next step is to sign the franchise agreement. This legally binding document outlines the terms and conditions of the franchise relationship, including the franchise fee, royalty fees, and other obligations.

Training and Support: Once the franchise agreement is signed, new franchisees undergo a comprehensive training program. This training covers all aspects of operating a Copper Branch restaurant, including food preparation, customer service, marketing, and financial management. The training is designed to equip franchisees with the knowledge and skills needed to run a successful business.

Site Selection and Development: Copper Branch provides assistance in selecting and securing an appropriate location for the restaurant. The company also offers support with site development, including layout design, construction, and equipment installation.

Grand Opening and Ongoing Support: After the restaurant is built and equipped, Copper Branch assists with the grand opening, providing marketing and promotional support to ensure a successful launch. Ongoing support is provided in the form of regular communication, operational guidance, and access to the company’s resources and expertise.

Copper Branch Franchise Advantages

Investing in a Copper Branch franchise offers several advantages, making it an attractive opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in the plant-based food industry. Some of the key benefits include:

Strong Brand Recognition: Copper Branch has established itself as a leading brand in the plant-based dining sector. The brand’s commitment to health, sustainability, and high-quality food has earned it a loyal customer base and strong market presence. Franchisees benefit from this brand recognition, which can attract customers and drive sales.

Growing Market Demand: The demand for plant-based foods is on the rise, driven by increasing consumer awareness of health, environmental, and ethical issues. Copper Branch is well-positioned to capitalize on this growing trend, offering a diverse menu that appeals to health-conscious consumers, vegetarians, vegans, and flexitarians.

Comprehensive Training and Support: Copper Branch provides extensive training and ongoing support to franchisees, ensuring they are well-prepared to operate their restaurant successfully. This includes assistance with site selection, restaurant development, marketing, and day-to-day operations. Franchisees have access to a wealth of resources and expertise, helping them navigate the challenges of the restaurant industry.

Sustainable Business Practices: Copper Branch’s commitment to sustainability sets it apart from many other restaurant chains. The brand’s focus on plant-based foods, non-GMO ingredients, and eco-friendly practices resonates with environmentally-conscious consumers. This can be a significant selling point for attracting customers and building a positive reputation in the community.

Innovation and Menu Development: Copper Branch continually innovates and expands its menu to meet evolving consumer preferences. The brand regularly introduces new dishes, seasonal offerings, and limited-time promotions, keeping the menu fresh and exciting. Franchisees benefit from this ongoing innovation, which can help attract repeat customers and boost sales.

Marketing and Branding Support: Copper Branch provides franchisees with marketing and branding support to help promote their restaurant and attract customers. This includes access to national and regional marketing campaigns, as well as guidance on local marketing strategies. The company’s strong online presence and social media engagement also contribute to brand visibility and customer acquisition.

Community Engagement: Copper Branch encourages franchisees to engage with their local communities through events, partnerships, and charitable initiatives. This not only helps build a positive reputation but also fosters customer loyalty and a sense of community support.


The Copper Branch franchise offers a compelling opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to invest in the growing plant-based food industry. With a strong brand, comprehensive support, and a commitment to health and sustainability, Copper Branch stands out as a leader in the fast-casual dining sector. By adhering to the brand’s values and leveraging its resources, franchisees can build a successful and rewarding business that contributes to the well-being of their customers and the planet.


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