Maui Wowi Franchise Costs, Profit & Requirements For 2024

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Maui Wowi Franchise

Maui Wowi is a unique franchise that brings the spirit of Aloha to the world through its delightful blend of fresh Hawaiian coffees and smoothies. Established in 1982 in Maui, Hawaii, Maui Wowi has grown from a small operation into an international franchise, spreading the laid-back Hawaiian culture with every cup served. Known for its vibrant kiosks and mobile carts, Maui Wowi provides a mini vacation with tropical fruit smoothies and authentic Hawaiian coffees, making it stand out in the booming beverage industry.

Maui Wowi Franchise Fee

Joining the Maui Wowi family as a franchisee involves various costs that an interested party must be prepared for. The initial franchise fee for Maui Wowi is $50,000, which grants the franchisee the license to operate under the Maui Wowi brand. This fee covers the rights to use Maui Wowi’s trademark, secret recipes, and business systems.


In addition to the initial fee, franchisees can expect to invest between $75,000 and $300,000 in total, which includes costs associated with purchasing equipment, securing a location, and other startup expenses such as marketing and inventory.


These figures can vary greatly depending on the chosen format of the franchise, whether it is a fixed kiosk, a mobile cart, or an inline store.


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Maui Wowi Franchise Conditions

To become a Maui Wowi franchisee, candidates must meet certain financial and experiential criteria. Financially, candidates should have a minimum net worth of $100,000 and liquid assets of at least $50,000. Experience in the food and beverage industry, while not mandatory, is highly beneficial and often preferred.

Maui Wowi looks for individuals who embody the spirit of Aloha—people who are enthusiastic, customer-focused, and have a strong desire to bring a taste of Hawaiian culture to their local communities. Prospective franchisees should also be prepared to undergo thorough training and adhere to the company’s proven operating procedures to maintain brand integrity and quality.

Maui Wowi Franchise Process

The process of becoming a Maui Wowi franchisee is designed to ensure mutual compatibility and success. Here are the key steps in the franchise acquisition process:

Initial Inquiry: Prospective franchisees submit their interest through an online form or at a franchise expo to receive more detailed information about the franchise opportunity.

Preliminary Discussions: Initial discussions with Maui Wowi representatives are scheduled to assess the candidate’s qualifications and to provide an overview of the business model and expectations.

Formal Application: Interested candidates fill out a formal application, providing detailed information about their background, financial status, and business experience.

Discovery Day: Qualified candidates are invited to attend a Discovery Day at Maui Wowi’s headquarters. This event allows them to meet the support team, understand the company culture, and see the operations firsthand.

Approval and Agreement: If both parties agree to proceed after Discovery Day, the franchise agreement is signed. This legal document outlines the duties and rights of both the franchisor and the franchisee.

Training Program: New franchisees undergo a comprehensive training program that covers product preparation, customer service, operations management, and marketing. This training is crucial for maintaining the high standards set by Maui Wowi.

Location Setup and Grand Opening: With the support of the Maui Wowi team, the franchisee sets up their location.

Guidance on the grand opening, along with ongoing support and marketing, is provided to ensure a successful launch.

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Maui Wowi Franchise Advantages

Becoming a Maui Wowi franchisee offers numerous benefits that make it an attractive investment:

Strong Brand Identity: Maui Wowi stands out with its Hawaiian theme, which is popular among consumers seeking a tropical escape. The brand identity resonates well in various markets, attracting a diverse customer base.

Multiple Revenue Streams: Franchisees can benefit from multiple revenue streams including coffee, smoothies, and Hawaiian products. Moreover, the mobile concept allows franchisees to operate at events, festivals, and private parties, further increasing revenue opportunities.

Flexibility: The franchise offers various formats, from mobile carts to kiosks or full-size retail locations, allowing franchisees to choose a model that best fits their goals and market.

Comprehensive Support: Maui Wowi provides extensive support throughout the franchisee journey, including initial training, ongoing education, marketing strategies, and operational guidance.

Community and Lifestyle: Franchisees join a community that values a balanced lifestyle, fun, and the spirit of Aloha. This culture fosters strong relationships among franchisees and with the corporate team.

Growth Opportunities: The beverage industry continues to grow, and with the increasing demand for healthy options,

Maui Wowi’s offerings are well-positioned to capture this market, offering substantial growth opportunities for franchisees.


In conclusion, Maui Wowi offers a distinctive franchise opportunity with its unique Hawaiian-themed beverage products. It provides a comprehensive franchising package that includes thorough training, strong brand identity, and multiple revenue streams, all of which contribute to the franchisee’s success. With its commitment to the Aloha spirit, Maui Wowi continues to expand, bringing its tropical flavors and relaxed vibe to new markets around the globe.


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