New Burger King Could Replace Frankie & Benny’s at Peterborough Retail Park

by Nick
New Burger King

Plans are in motion for a new Burger King restaurant and drive-thru at a Peterborough retail park, set to occupy the former Frankie and Benny’s unit, which closed last year. The proposal, currently under review by the city council, includes enhancements to the existing building and car park.

If approved, this would mark Burger King’s third location in Peterborough, joining existing outlets at Queensgate Shopping Centre and Serpentine Green. The project includes the addition of a drive-thru lane wrapping around the building, complete with necessary infrastructure like menu boards and ordering points.


According to the design and access statement by KUK Group, the development aims to bolster the local economy by attracting more customers and creating job opportunities. The proposed layout of the drive-thru lane has been carefully planned to minimize impact on the surrounding car park and has been crafted in collaboration with transport engineers from i-Transport.


Peterborough City Council will make a decision on the application in the coming months.


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