Jack in The Box to Replace Arby’s in Countryside

by Nick

Arby’s loyal patrons in Countryside will need to seek their favorite curly fries and beef sandwiches elsewhere as the restaurant prepares to close its doors on July 7. Located at 5656 S. La Grange Road, the Arby’s will soon be replaced by Jack in the Box, confirmed by Countryside Mayor Sean McDermott.

Arby’s manager Joe Lance, taking a break in the parking lot on Saturday evening, expressed his sentiments about the closure. He mentioned that Arby’s corporate office hadn’t disclosed the reason for shutting down the Countryside location.


Lance, who has managed the restaurant since November, shared that he will be transferred to the Arby’s on Finley Road in Downers Grove, thankful for the accessible bus route from his Berwyn residence.


Reflecting on his time at the Countryside branch, Lance, a graduate of Morton East High School, fondly recalled the enjoyable moments. He also noted that the Arby’s in Hickory Hills, located at 95th Street and Roberts Road, is also closing, speculating on the impact of rising prices across the fast-food industry.


The transition to Jack in the Box marks the arrival of a new era for the location, with McDermott describing it as “one icon replacing another.” Known for its diverse menu including burgers, tacos, chicken sandwiches, and milkshakes, Jack in the Box plans to open 24-hour restaurants in the area, aligning with its strategy to expand in the Chicago suburbs.


McDermott highlighted the appeal of Countryside’s business-friendly environment, citing the absence of municipal property taxes as a significant draw for Jack in the Box. The mayor expressed optimism about the chain’s return to the Chicago area after over 40 years, emphasizing its iconic status and potential to attract local residents and visitors alike.

Looking ahead, the introduction of Jack in the Box will undoubtedly intensify competition along La Grange Road, already bustling with dining options from Buona Beef to White Castle within a mile stretch. Despite the closure of Arby’s, which has been a fixture in the community, the area remains vibrant with dining choices and continues to attract a diverse range of food enthusiasts.

As Countryside prepares for this new chapter in its culinary landscape, residents and patrons eagerly anticipate the arrival of Jack in the Box, known for its innovative menu and commitment to serving customers around the clock.


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