Nando’s Franchise Costs, Profit & Requirements For 2024

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Nando's Franchise

In the competitive realm of fast-casual dining, Nando’s has established itself as a global powerhouse renowned for its distinctive peri-peri chicken and vibrant dining experience. For aspiring entrepreneurs looking to venture into the restaurant industry, the Nando’s franchise presents a compelling opportunity to align with a recognized brand known for its quality, flavor, and community-focused approach.

Nando’s Brand Introduction

Founded in 1987 in Johannesburg, South Africa, Nando’s has grown from a local favorite to an international phenomenon, with a presence in over 30 countries spanning five continents. Central to its success is Nando’s unique peri-peri chicken, marinated in a blend of African bird’s eye chili and other flavorful spices, grilled to perfection, and served with a variety of sides and sauces.


Nando’s restaurants are characterized by their warm and inviting atmosphere, often adorned with eclectic decor that reflects the brand’s South African roots. Beyond its menu offerings, Nando’s is committed to sustainability, ethical sourcing, and community engagement, making it a beloved choice for diners seeking both quality meals and a positive dining experience.


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Nando’s Franchise Cost

Becoming a franchisee with Nando’s requires an initial franchise fee, which serves as an entry cost to join the franchise system and gain access to the brand’s established business model and operational support. The franchise fee is a one-time payment made to Nando’s Franchising LLC or its affiliates upon signing the franchise agreement.


The specific amount of the franchise fee can vary depending on factors such as the location of the franchise, market conditions, and the size of the territory granted to the franchisee. Prospective franchisees should engage directly with Nando’s franchise development team to obtain current fee information and understand the financial commitments involved.

Nando’s Franchise Conditions

Entering into a Nando’s franchise involves meeting specific conditions and criteria set forth by the franchisor to ensure consistency, quality, and adherence to the brand’s standards. Key conditions typically include:

Financial Requirements: Prospective franchisees must demonstrate the financial capacity to invest in and sustain a franchise business. This includes liquid assets and net worth requirements that provide a solid financial foundation for operating a Nando’s restaurant.

Operational Standards: Franchisees are expected to uphold Nando’s operational standards, which encompass food preparation, customer service, cleanliness, and adherence to brand guidelines. Consistency across all franchise locations is crucial to maintaining the integrity and reputation of the Nando’s brand.

Training and Support: Nando’s provides comprehensive training programs for franchisees and their staff, covering various aspects of restaurant operations, including food safety, menu preparation, customer service excellence, and administrative processes. Ongoing support is also available to assist franchisees with operational challenges and business growth.

Territorial Rights: The franchisor may grant territorial rights to franchisees, defining the geographic area within which they have exclusive rights to operate Nando’s restaurants. This helps prevent intra-brand competition and supports focused market development efforts.

Nando’s Franchise Process

The process of becoming a Nando’s franchisee typically follows several structured steps:

Initial Inquiry: Prospective franchisees start by expressing interest in the Nando’s franchise opportunity, often through an initial inquiry or application process. This initiates communication with Nando’s franchise development team.

Qualification and Review: The franchisor evaluates the applicant’s qualifications, financial capability, and alignment with Nando’s brand values. This may involve background checks, interviews, and financial disclosures to assess suitability for franchise ownership.

Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD): Qualified applicants receive a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) from Nando’s, which contains detailed information about the franchise agreement, fees, obligations, and other relevant information. Prospective franchisees are encouraged to review this document carefully with legal and financial advisors.

Site Selection and Approval: Franchisees work closely with Nando’s real estate team to identify suitable locations for new restaurants. Factors such as foot traffic, demographics, and market potential are considered to maximize the restaurant’s success.

Training and Onboarding: Accepted franchisees undergo comprehensive training at designated Nando’s training facilities or existing restaurant locations. Training covers operational procedures, food preparation techniques, customer service standards, and managerial responsibilities.

Grand Opening Support: Nando’s provides support leading up to and during the grand opening of the new restaurant.

This includes marketing assistance, initial staff training, operational guidance, and launch promotions to ensure a successful introduction to the local market.

Nando’s Franchise Advantages

Investing in a Nando’s franchise offers numerous advantages for entrepreneurs seeking to enter or expand within the restaurant industry:

Strong Brand Recognition: Nando’s is a globally recognized brand known for its unique peri-peri chicken and vibrant dining experience.

Franchisees benefit from strong brand equity and customer loyalty, which can translate into higher customer traffic and repeat business.

Proven Business Model: Nando’s provides franchisees with a proven business model that includes established operational procedures, menu offerings, supply chain management, and marketing strategies.

This reduces the inherent risks associated with starting a new business and enhances the potential for profitability.

Comprehensive Training and Support: Franchisees receive extensive training and ongoing support from Nando’s, covering all aspects of restaurant management and operations. This support extends from pre-opening preparation to daily operational challenges, ensuring that franchisees are well-equipped to succeed.

Marketing and Advertising Support: Nando’s conducts national and local marketing campaigns to drive brand awareness and customer engagement. Franchisees benefit from access to marketing materials, promotional strategies, and digital marketing initiatives to attract and retain customers.

Global Network and Resources: Being part of the Nando’s franchise network provides access to shared resources, best practices, and collective purchasing power. This can lead to cost efficiencies in sourcing ingredients, equipment, and operational supplies, enhancing overall profitability.

Community Engagement: Nando’s is committed to community involvement and social responsibility, supporting local initiatives and charitable causes. Franchisees have opportunities to participate in community events, sponsorships, and partnerships that strengthen brand reputation and foster customer loyalty.


The Nando’s franchise represents a compelling opportunity for entrepreneurs passionate about delivering exceptional dining experiences and leveraging a globally recognized brand. With its distinctive peri-peri chicken, strong operational support, and commitment to community, Nando’s offers franchisees the tools and resources needed to thrive in the competitive fast-casual dining sector.

Whether you’re a seasoned restaurateur or a first-time franchisee, exploring the Nando’s franchise could mark the beginning of a rewarding journey in the restaurant industry. By aligning with a brand known for its quality, flavor, and cultural vibrancy, franchisees can capitalize on consumer preferences for fresh, flavorful meals and build a successful business within a respected global brand.


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