Popular Pizzeria Announces New Northtowns Location

by Nick

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Macy’s Place Pizzeria is set to expand, bringing its unique menu to a new location on Main Street in Clarence this summer. The announcement was made via the pizzeria’s social media, where they exclaimed, “Summer just got way more epic around here.”

Currently, Macy’s Place operates in Kenmore and Cheektowaga. However, the new spot at 8885 Main Street marks their latest venture.


Known for its creative pizza options, Macy’s Place offers a variety of unique flavors such as Pickles, Maui Wowie, Chicken N Waffles, and a Cookies n Cream dessert pizza.


Macy’s Place Pizzeria began 17 years ago in Cheektowaga and expanded to Kenmore in September 2022. Now, the popular pizzeria is ready to bring its inventive menu to Clarence, enhancing the local food scene.


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