Chick-fil-A Offers Secret Dog Treats

by Nick

Chick-fil-A is known for its delicious fried chicken, but did you know it’s also treating your furry friends? That’s right—Chick-fil-A offers adorable dog treats you might not be aware of.

A viral Instagram post has brought this to light. In the video, a woman shows her cute pup in the passenger seat as they drive through a Chick-fil-A. She then hands a bone-shaped treat to her delighted dog.


The video sparked curiosity among viewers who were eager to know more about these secret dog treats: “How do I ask for one? What is this called?” one asked. Another commented, “PUMP THE BREAKS… is this an all-day thing? My dog, Scout, will lose his marbles!”


So, does Chick-fil-A really make dog treats? Not exactly. Chick-fil-A doesn’t make the treats on-site, but they do provide them to customers who ask. These treats are popularly referred to as ‘Pup Treats.’


In another viral video from 2023, a TikToker showed a white paper bag sealed with a paw-print sticker, filled with dog treats.


According to the Daily Meal, you can request these treats at the drive-thru, as some locations keep them in a jar on the counter. Wide Open Eats mentions that some lucky customers might even receive a ‘Pup Cup,’ a small serving of ice cream topped with a dog treat.

However, availability varies by location. Some Chick-fil-A employees have noted that not all branches offer dog treats. One commented on the viral video: “Not all Chick-fil-A’s give dog treats! The one I worked at did not.”


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