Hollywood Says Goodbye to the Iconic Cowboy Hat Sign Arby’s

by Nick

The iconic Arby’s location in Hollywood, known for its massive neon cowboy hat sign on Sunset Boulevard between Tamarind and Bronson, has permanently closed. The company removed the location from its website, and a Reddit user noted a marquee sign saying: “Farewell Hollywood TY for 55 great years.”

Arby’s, established in 1964, is part of the Atlanta-based Inspire Brands group. The chain, known for its slow-roasted roast beef sandwich, aimed to stand out in the burger-dominated fast food scene. Arby’s operates over 3,500 restaurants in nine countries. This closure follows other major fast food brand exits in Southern California, including Rubio’s shutting down 48 locations in California earlier this month. Eater reached out to Arby’s for comments but has not received a response.


New Grocery Store in South LA’s Hyde Park

Olympia Auset, founder of a produce and dry goods pop-up operating since 2016, will open her full grocery store, Suprmarkt, in Hyde Park on Slauson near West Boulevard on June 23. This comes after Ralphs closed its location on West Slauson and Crenshaw Boulevard in 2021, negatively impacting the Hyde Park community.


Animal Rights Protests at Sage Bistro

Animal rights activists are planning a protest at Sage Regenerative Kitchen & Brewery in Echo Park. Co-owner Mollie Engelhart reported that protesters have been present all week, but on Sunday, June 16, they caused all customers to leave.


The restaurant recently shifted its menu from plant-based to serving regenerative meat and dairy.


Skepticism Over Fast Food Industry Job Loss Claims

Los Angeles Times business columnist Michael Hiltzick questions the accuracy of fast food corporations’ claims about laying off large numbers of employees and raising prices in California. These companies attribute the layoffs and price hikes to California’s minimum wage increase from $16 to $20 on April 1, but Hiltzick is skeptical.

Plant-Based Southern Dinner at Crossroads

On July 17, chefs Tal Ronnen, Keith Corbin, and Daniel Patterson will host a vegan dinner at Crossroads Kitchen on Melrose.

The four-course meal, priced at $75, will feature Southern dishes without animal products, including a twist on deviled eggs and collard greens. Reservations are now open on the Crossroads website.


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