Chick-fil-A Prices in 2024

by Nick

In comparing pre-pandemic prices at Chick-fil-A with those of 2024, it’s clear that eating more chicken might not be as appealing due to significant price increases.

There was a time when the main debate in fast food centered around who had the best chicken sandwich. Today, consumers who haven’t visited a drive-thru in a while are more likely to be shocked by the prices they encounter.


McDonald’s and other fast food giants have made headlines for their steep price increases. Despite this, McDonald’s defends its pricing decisions and those of its franchisees. To attract lower-income customers, many fast food chains, including McDonald’s, have started offering special value items.


However, price hikes are not limited to large, publicly traded chains.


We examined the prices of popular menu items at family-owned Chick-fil-A, comparing them with archived 2019 prices from The results show significant increases across the board.


In 2019, the battle for the best chicken sandwich was a hot topic in the fast-food world. Today, complaints are more likely to focus on the prices at the drive-thru window. While Chick-fil-A’s polite employees may soften the blow, the chain has raised its prices steeply, similar to McDonald’s and Burger King.

Here’s a comparison of Chick-fil-A’s 2024 prices with their 2019 counterparts from

The Deluxe Chicken Sandwich has jumped from $3.65 to $6.55.

8 Chick-fil-A Nuggets increased from $3.05 to $5.99.

4 Chick-n-Strips rose from $4.39 to $7.85.

Medium Waffle Fries went from $1.65 to $2.99.

A Large Milkshake, once $3.15, now costs $5.19.

These price hikes make it harder to enjoy more chicken without feeling the financial pinch.


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