L&L Hawaiian Barbecue Franchise Costs, Profit & Requirements For 2024

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L&L Hawaiian Barbecue Franchise

he world of franchising presents numerous opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to venture into the food industry. Among the myriad of options, L&L Hawaiian Barbecue stands out with its unique culinary offerings and robust business model. This article delves into the L&L Hawaiian Barbecue franchise, covering its brand introduction, franchise fee, franchise conditions, franchise process, and franchise advantages. With a focus on providing detailed insights, this guide aims to equip potential franchisees with the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision.

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue Brand Introduction

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, also known as L&L Drive-Inn, is a renowned fast-food chain that specializes in Hawaiian-style barbecue. Established in 1976 by Eddie Flores Jr. and Johnson Kam, the brand has grown to become a beloved culinary institution both in Hawaii and on the mainland United States. The concept of L&L Hawaiian Barbecue revolves around the traditional Hawaiian plate lunch, which typically includes two scoops of rice, a side of macaroni salad, and an entrée of meat, such as chicken katsu, barbecue beef, or kalua pork.


The brand’s success can be attributed to its commitment to delivering authentic Hawaiian flavors in a fast-food format, making it accessible and appealing to a broad audience. With over 200 locations across the United States and international markets, L&L Hawaiian Barbecue has established itself as a prominent player in the fast-food industry, known for its consistency, quality, and unique menu offerings.


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L&L Hawaiian Barbecue Franchise Fee

The franchise fee is a critical component to consider when evaluating a potential franchise investment. For L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, the initial franchise fee is $30,000. This fee grants franchisees the right to operate under the L&L Hawaiian Barbecue brand, utilizing its established business model, proprietary recipes, and operational support systems.


In addition to the initial franchise fee, prospective franchisees should be prepared for other associated costs, including equipment, inventory, and leasehold improvements. The total initial investment required to open an L&L Hawaiian Barbecue franchise ranges from $135,700 to $564,000, depending on various factors such as location, size, and condition of the premises.

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue Franchise Conditions

To ensure the success and uniformity of its franchise network, L&L Hawaiian Barbecue has established specific conditions and requirements for potential franchisees. These conditions include:

Financial Requirements: Prospective franchisees must have a minimum net worth of $300,000, with at least $100,000 in liquid assets. This financial stability ensures that franchisees have the necessary resources to support the initial investment and ongoing operational expenses.

Experience: While prior experience in the food industry is not mandatory, it is highly beneficial. L&L Hawaiian Barbecue prefers franchisees who have some background in restaurant management or a related field, as it can significantly contribute to the successful operation of the franchise.

Location: The choice of location is a crucial factor in the success of any restaurant. L&L Hawaiian Barbecue works closely with franchisees to identify and secure prime locations that meet the brand’s criteria. This includes factors such as high foot traffic, visibility, and accessibility.

Training and Support: Franchisees are required to undergo a comprehensive training program provided by L&L Hawaiian Barbecue. This training covers all aspects of operating the franchise, including food preparation, customer service, marketing, and financial management. Additionally, franchisees must adhere to the brand’s operational standards and guidelines to maintain consistency and quality across all locations.

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue Franchise Process

The process of becoming an L&L Hawaiian Barbecue franchisee involves several steps designed to ensure a thorough evaluation and preparation for both parties. Here is an overview of the franchise process:

Initial Inquiry: Interested individuals start by submitting an inquiry form on the L&L Hawaiian Barbecue website. This form captures basic information about the prospective franchisee, including their background, financial status, and preferred location.

Application and Disclosure: Once the initial inquiry is reviewed, qualified candidates are invited to complete a formal franchise application. Along with the application, L&L Hawaiian Barbecue provides a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which outlines detailed information about the franchise opportunity, including financial performance, fees, and obligations.

Review and Approval: The franchise application and FDD are thoroughly reviewed by the L&L Hawaiian Barbecue team.

This review process includes evaluating the candidate’s financial qualifications, experience, and overall suitability for the franchise. If approved, the candidate moves on to the next stage.

Discovery Day: Approved candidates are invited to attend a Discovery Day at L&L Hawaiian Barbecue’s headquarters. This event provides an opportunity to meet with key members of the corporate team, tour the facilities, and gain a deeper understanding of the brand’s culture and operations.

Franchise Agreement: Following a successful Discovery Day, the candidate receives a Franchise Agreement. This legal document outlines the terms and conditions of the franchise relationship, including rights, responsibilities, and obligations.

Upon signing the agreement and paying the initial franchise fee, the candidate officially becomes an L&L Hawaiian Barbecue franchisee.

Training and Development: New franchisees undergo an extensive training program that covers all aspects of operating an L&L Hawaiian Barbecue franchise. This training is designed to equip franchisees with the knowledge and skills necessary to run a successful restaurant.

Site Selection and Build-Out: Working closely with the L&L Hawaiian Barbecue team, franchisees identify and secure a suitable location for their restaurant. Once the site is selected, the build-out process begins, which includes designing the layout, obtaining permits, and setting up equipment.

Grand Opening: With the restaurant ready for operation, franchisees launch their L&L Hawaiian Barbecue location with a grand opening event. This event serves to introduce the brand to the local community and generate initial buzz and customer interest.

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L&L Hawaiian Barbecue Franchise Advantages

Investing in an L&L Hawaiian Barbecue franchise offers several advantages that make it an attractive option for prospective franchisees. These advantages include:

Established Brand: L&L Hawaiian Barbecue is a well-known and respected brand with a loyal customer base. The brand’s reputation for quality food and authentic Hawaiian flavors provides a strong foundation for new franchisees to build upon.

Unique Menu Offering: The distinctiveness of L&L Hawaiian Barbecue’s menu sets it apart from other fast-food chains. The focus on Hawaiian-style barbecue and plate lunches appeals to a wide range of customers, from those seeking comfort food to those looking for a taste of the islands.

Comprehensive Training and Support: Franchisees benefit from a comprehensive training program and ongoing support from the corporate team. This support includes assistance with site selection, marketing, operations, and more, ensuring that franchisees have the resources they need to succeed.

Proven Business Model: With decades of experience and a proven business model, L&L Hawaiian Barbecue provides franchisees with a blueprint for success. The brand’s established operational procedures and best practices help minimize risks and maximize profitability.

Growing Market Presence: L&L Hawaiian Barbecue continues to expand its footprint both domestically and internationally. This growing market presence enhances brand recognition and opens up opportunities for franchisees in new and emerging markets.

Community Engagement: L&L Hawaiian Barbecue places a strong emphasis on community engagement and giving back.

Franchisees are encouraged to get involved in their local communities through events, sponsorships, and charitable initiatives, fostering a positive relationship with customers and the community.


L&L Hawaiian Barbecue offers a compelling franchise opportunity for individuals looking to enter the fast-food industry with a unique and beloved brand. With its distinctive menu, established business model, and comprehensive support system, L&L Hawaiian Barbecue provides franchisees with the tools and resources needed to achieve success. By understanding the brand introduction, franchise fee, conditions, process, and advantages, potential franchisees can make an informed decision about joining the L&L Hawaiian Barbecue family and bringing the flavors of Hawaii to their local communities.


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