15 Questions to Ask a Franchisor When You Meet Face to Face

by Nick

Meeting face to face with a franchisor is a crucial step in the franchise discovery process. It provides an opportunity for prospective franchisees to gather detailed information, clarify doubts, and assess the viability of the franchise opportunity. Asking insightful questions can help franchisees make informed decisions and determine whether the franchise aligns with their goals and expectations. In this article, we’ll outline 15 essential questions to ask a franchisor during a face-to-face meeting.

1. What is the History and Background of the Franchise?

Understanding the franchisor’s history and background provides insights into the company’s founding principles, values, and growth trajectory. Ask about key milestones, market presence, and achievements to assess the franchisor’s credibility and stability.


2. What Support and Training Programs are Provided to Franchisees?

Inquire about the franchisor’s support and training initiatives for franchisees. Learn about initial training programs, ongoing support, operational guidance, and resources available to help franchisees succeed.


3. What is the Total Investment Required to Open and Operate the Franchise?

Discuss the comprehensive breakdown of investment costs, including franchise fees, equipment, inventory, leasehold improvements, and working capital. Understand the financial commitment required to launch and sustain the franchise business.


4. What are the Franchisee Fees and Royalty Structure?

Gain clarity on franchise fees, ongoing royalties, advertising contributions, and other financial obligations. Understand how these fees impact profitability and assess the value proposition offered by the franchisor.


5. What is the Average Return on Investment (ROI) for Franchisees?

Ask about the typical ROI and financial performance of existing franchisees. Request financial projections and performance data to evaluate the potential profitability of the franchise opportunity.

6. How is Territory Defined and Protected?

Discuss the territory allocation and protection policies implemented by the franchisor. Inquire about territorial exclusivity, population demographics, and market saturation to assess growth opportunities and competitive advantages.

7. What Marketing and Advertising Support is Provided?

Learn about the franchisor’s marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, and promotional initiatives to drive brand awareness and customer acquisition. Understand how franchisees contribute to marketing efforts and leverage national advertising.

8. How Does the Franchise Handle Technology and Innovation?

Inquire about the franchisor’s approach to technology adoption, digital tools, and operational systems. Understand how technology enhances efficiency, customer experience, and competitive advantage within the franchise network.

9. What is the Franchisee Selection Criteria?

Discuss the franchisor’s criteria for selecting franchisees. Learn about personal qualifications, business experience, financial capacity, and alignment with the franchise brand to determine eligibility and suitability.

10. What are the Challenges and Opportunities in the Franchise Industry?

Explore industry trends, market dynamics, and competitive landscape affecting the franchise business. Understand potential challenges and opportunities to assess the franchise’s resilience and growth potential.

11. How Does the Franchisee Relationship Work?

Inquire about the franchisor-franchisee relationship dynamics, communication channels, and conflict resolution processes. Understand expectations, responsibilities, and mutual commitments to foster a collaborative partnership.

12. What are the Success Factors and Best Practices for Franchisees?

Ask about key success factors, operational best practices, and strategies employed by top-performing franchisees. Gain insights into proven methods for achieving profitability and sustained growth.

13. How Does the Franchise Support Community Engagement and Social Responsibility?

Discuss the franchisor’s approach to community engagement, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability initiatives. Learn about opportunities for franchisees to contribute to local communities and align with brand values.

14. What is the Franchisor’s Long-Term Vision and Growth Strategy?

Understand the franchisor’s long-term vision, expansion plans, and strategic objectives. Inquire about new market opportunities, product innovations, and franchise network development to assess alignment with franchisee goals.

15. Can I Speak with Current Franchisees for References?

Request contact information for current franchisees to gather first-hand insights and testimonials. Interviewing existing franchisees allows you to validate information, ask specific questions, and assess satisfaction levels within the franchise network.


Asking the right questions during a face-to-face meeting with a franchisor is essential for making an informed decision about franchise ownership. By discussing history, support programs, financial considerations, marketing support, technology adoption, selection criteria, industry trends, success factors, community engagement, growth strategies, and speaking with current franchisees, prospective franchisees can gain comprehensive knowledge and evaluate the suitability of the franchise opportunity. Effective communication and due diligence empower franchisees to assess risks, capitalize on opportunities, and embark on a successful journey within the franchise system. With clarity and confidence gained from meaningful discussions, prospective franchisees can navigate the franchise discovery process and make informed decisions that align with their entrepreneurial aspirations and long-term objectives.


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