McDonald’s Seeks to Transform Former York Supermarket into Fast Food Haven

by Nick

A former supermarket in York is poised for a transformation into a McDonald’s fast-food haven pending approval.

The global fast-food giant has set its sights on the former Iceland store located on Fulford Road as its potential new home.


If plans materialize, the McDonald’s branch would operate from 7 am to 11 pm daily, providing a potential employment boost with the creation of 45 full-time equivalent jobs.


The proposed changes to the 735 sq m (7,911 sq ft) space include a conversion into a takeaway and restaurant boasting approximately 110 covers.


To facilitate this conversion, alterations to the store are anticipated, including the removal of the existing main entrance to be replaced with new doors. Additionally, a new entrance on the east side of the building and new glazing are on the agenda.


The proposed modifications extend to aesthetic enhancements such as timber cladding, a new canopy, and fencing aimed at fortifying security by establishing a secure compound.

According to a planning document, the proposed restaurant at Fulford Road aims to cater to the surrounding residential areas, including Fulford and Heslington, which encompass students at the University of York. By doing so, it seeks to augment the accessibility and availability of quick-service restaurants within these localities, thereby mitigating the necessity for travel, including by private car, to similar facilities elsewhere.

Addressing transportation concerns, a transport statement highlights ample facilities to accommodate pedestrian, cycle, and public transport trips to and from the site. As part of the plan, two car parking spaces are earmarked for removal to facilitate an improved pedestrian entrance, while three spaces are designated for food couriers.

In terms of traffic management, the report indicates that the proposed restaurant’s traffic generation would be akin to the existing use, with a slight increase in parking demand. However, given the ample parking available across the site, this uptick is deemed manageable.

Moreover, a significant proportion of trips are anticipated to coincide with visits to the neighboring Aldi supermarket, further alleviating parking strain.

With regards to environmental considerations, McDonald’s pledges to conduct three litter patrols daily to uphold cleanliness standards.

A noise impact survey conducted at the site indicates that predicted plant noise levels will not exceed 36 dB, while traffic noise is expected to remain below thresholds for adverse impacts, both late at night and early in the morning.

To address concerns about lighting, McDonald’s intends to coordinate with Aldi to extend the car park lighting times in alignment with the restaurant’s operating hours.

In conclusion, pending approval, McDonald’s ambitious plans for the former York supermarket promise not only to breathe new life into the space but also to cater to the community’s culinary needs while adhering to environmental and transportation considerations.


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