Social Media Users Express Outrage Over Five Guys Burger Meal Priced at $24 — Are Rising Prices Here to Stay?

by Nick

The traditional all-American cheeseburger, once considered a budget-friendly meal option, is now raising eyebrows with its steep price tags.

A receipt from the fast-casual burger chain Five Guys recently went viral on social media platforms.


The bill detailed a bacon cheeseburger priced at $12.49, with complimentary additions of bacon, ketchup, and mustard. Alongside the burger were a regular soda for $2.89 and a “little fry” for $5.19. Adding $1.34 in sales tax and a $2.19 tip brought the final total to $24.10.


The receipt sparked outrage on Twitter after being shared by user WallStreetSilver, who exclaimed, “Five Guys prices are out of control. $24 for one person.” The post, originally shared on Reddit, garnered significant attention, accumulating 25.4 million views, 13,000 comments, and 77,000 likes.


This incident is part of a larger trend of escalating fast food prices across America. Rising costs of key ingredients, particularly beef patties, have contributed to this trend. Recent reports suggest that two all-beef patties are approximately 5.9% pricier compared to the previous year.


Social media has previously buzzed with discussions about soaring fast food prices. In a viral TikTok video from February, a user claimed that McDonald’s is “becoming a luxury item.” Last summer, a Twitter user shared a photo of a McDonald’s menu listing a Big Mac meal at a Connecticut rest stop for $17.59, prompting questions about the affordability of fast food.

These instances highlight the challenges faced by fast food chains in maintaining affordability while adapting to changing market dynamics.


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