‘One Icon Replacing Another’: Jack in the Box to Replace Arby’s in Countryside

by Nick
Jack in the Box

Countryside Mayor Sean McDermott described the upcoming change as “One icon replacing another.” Arby’s, known for its distinctive hat-shaped sign, served its last curly fries and beef sandwiches on July 7 at 5656 S. La Grange Road.

Taking its place will be Jack in the Box, a national chain with over 2,200 restaurants across 22 states, marking its return to the Chicago area after a 40-year absence. Recently, Jack in the Box announced plans to open eight 24-hour restaurants in the region, including one in Chicago and seven in suburban areas, with Countryside being a likely location.


McDermott welcomed the return of Jack in the Box, noting, “They haven’t been in the Chicago area for over 40 years. It’s an iconic chain. It’s nice to see they’re interested in coming to the city of Countryside.”


The closure of Arby’s was confirmed by manager Joe Lance of Berwyn, who shared, “Take a good look. Once we close at 10 o’clock tomorrow night [July 7], that’s it,” pointing towards the restaurant’s iconic sign.


Jack in the Box originally had 20 restaurants in the Chicago area until the late 1970s before focusing on southwestern U.S. locations. McDermott added, “We learned a month ago that they were planning to come to Countryside.”


The appeal of Countryside, which does not levy municipal property taxes on businesses or residents, likely played a role in attracting Jack in the Box, according to McDermott. He remarked, “I think that would be very appealing to any business looking to open up in the area.”

Jack in the Box is known for its diverse menu, which includes burgers, tacos, chicken sandwiches, milkshakes, breakfast items, and late-night snacks. Meanwhile, Arby’s loyal customers in Countryside will need to visit Downers Grove, Elmhurst, or other locations for their favorites, as manager Joe Lance prepares to transfer to the Arby’s on Finley Road in Downers Grove.

Despite the closure, Lance reflected positively on his time at Arby’s, stating, “I enjoyed it. We had fun here.”

While Lance speculated on the closure of nearby fast-food spots, he noted Arby’s loyal customers have been enthusiastic about certain menu items. He mentioned, “The company brought the potato cakes back and everybody’s been going nuts for them.”

Darin Harris, CEO of Jack in the Box, expressed excitement about the expansion, stating, “We’re excited to bring our unique menu where customers can order any item at any time – day or night.”

With its upcoming launch, Jack in the Box will face strong competition along La Grange Road, where numerous dining options are available within a short stretch, including dine-in, drive-thru, and mobile ordering choices at the new locations.

In conclusion, the arrival of Jack in the Box signals a significant change in Countryside’s dining landscape, replacing one beloved icon with another poised to cater to local tastes around the clock.


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