Taco Bell Introduces Spicy Twist to Classic Nacho Fries

by Nick
Taco Bell

Taco Bell is spicing things up with a new twist on one of its most beloved limited-time offerings just in time for summer.

The Nacho Cheese Fries have been a standout hit, amassing a staggering 53 million orders within the first two months of their debut in 2018, comprising a quarter of Taco Bell’s total sales that year.


The chain has periodically tantalized fans by adding and removing the item from menus over ten times. Most recently, they returned in April 2024, featuring a blend of serrano and habanero peppers alongside ranch sauce.


Now, Taco Bell is taking the classic nacho fries to new levels of heat with their Jalapeño Ranch Nacho Fries. These feature the signature fries seasoned with Mexican spices, topped with zesty pico de gallo, and smothered in a tangy, creamy Jalapeño Ranch sauce made with buttermilk, sour cream, red jalapeño, pasilla peppers, garlic, parsley, and spices.


For those craving more, customers can add extra protein in the form of beans or seasoned beef to their fries.


The spicy new fries will debut on menus starting July 18, priced at $4.49.

Additionally, Taco Bell is bringing back its popular “Nacho Fries Lover’s Pass” promotion, allowing Rewards Members to enjoy a regular order of fries every day for 30 days straight. The pass will be available for purchase at $10 from July 9 to July 15.

Alongside these offerings, Taco Bell has unveiled the Luxe Cravings Box, which includes a selection of long-time customer favorites.


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