Kyle MacLachlan Stars in Arby’s Potato Cakes Revival Campaign

by Nick

Kyle MacLachlan, known for roles in “Twin Peaks,” “Dune,” and “Blue Velvet,” is making waves with a new ad campaign for Arby’s, famous for its hearty sandwiches. This marks one of his most humorous appearances yet.

Potato cake enthusiasts were dismayed when Arby’s removed its triangular crispy side dish from the menu in 2021. Their outcry was evident on Facebook groups and hashtags pleading for their return. Responding to the demand, Arby’s approached MacLachlan to announce the good news.


As the whimsical high priest of the Order of the Potato Cakes, MacLachlan delivers his message with a playful tone. “I’ve always had a silly side,” he shared in a recent interview.


Despite the humor, the July 1 relaunch has been a major success, garnering attention from People and USA Today, among others. Fans have flooded social media with declarations of love for Potato Cakes.


Arby’s creative team approached MacLachlan due to his witty social media presence, especially promoting his podcast Varnatown in collaboration with his wife Desiree Gruber’s Full Picture. “They’re brilliant and really understand social media,” he praised.


The Order of the Potato Cakes campaign was a joint effort, with Arby’s providing the flowing robe costume and MacLachlan’s longtime hair and makeup artist, Livio Angileri, handling the dramatic styling—eyeliner included.

Beyond the jest, MacLachlan, founder of Pursued by Bear winery in Washington state, also offered a serious wine pairing recommendation. “Oh, the Baby Bear Syrah would be perfect. Its full body and savory notes complement the Beef and Cheddar sandwich, with the bright acidity Washington state is known for,” he explained, noting his affinity for Monty Python’s Flying Circus.


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