KFC Launches First-Ever Lodge in Australia, Offering Fried Chicken Paradise

by Nick
KFC Launches First-Eve

KFC enthusiasts have reason to rejoice as the beloved fast-food chain unveils a unique pop-up lodge featuring all the fried chicken delights one could imagine.

Known as the Colonel Lodge, KFC has set a global precedent with its latest venture here in Australia. Nestled in the serene Blue Mountains of New South Wales, this lodge promises an unforgettable Christmas in July experience.


Complete with KFC-inspired wood paneling and attentive butler service, the lodge offers lucky winners a two-night stay adorned with ample servings of the iconic fried chicken.


According to a KFC spokesperson, “The Colonel’s Lodge is a dream escape for Christmas in July, offering guests a fully immersive KFC staycation with plenty of fried chicken to celebrate.”


The Blue Mountains location was selected for its scenic beauty, providing guests a respite from bustling city life.


“From festive decor to exclusive KFC Christmas in July merchandise, the Lodge is designed to deliver a complete holiday experience,” the spokesperson added.

For those eager to participate, entry involves spending $30 or more through the KFC App during July, with every qualifying transaction granting a chance to win a trip for four to the Colonel’s Lodge. Multiple entries are permitted, ensuring ample opportunities to secure a spot.

Throughout the month, KFC App users can also enjoy special Christmas in July deals, making it an event not to be missed.


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