Burger King to Host ‘Wedding’ for Stuffed Moose Mascots

by Nick

Burger King is set to celebrate an unusual union this Friday at 3 p.m., as Fred Mooseington and Betty VonMoose, the beloved mascots of Bradford’s Burger King, tie the knot in a whimsical ceremony.

The story began when Manager Matt Bobenrieth discovered a stuffed moose on his way home from work and brought it to the restaurant. Dressing it up in a Halloween costume sparked laughter among customers and staff, leading to its adoption as a mascot.


“Fred Mooseington joined BK in October 2022 after losing his family,” explained Bobenrieth. “In early 2023, he befriended Betty VonMoose and her fiancé Anthony Mooseing, who tragically lost their families in a hunting accident. Fred invited them to join him at BK.”


The moose trio’s antics quickly became a hit at the restaurant.


“Betty lost Anthony to a moose-napping shortly after they started working here,” Bobenrieth recounted. “Fred realized BK’s motto ‘You rule’ applied to Betty and proposed on Valentine’s Day 2024. She happily accepted.”


A local pastor, amused by the story, jokingly offered to officiate their ‘wedding’—the same pastor who will officiate Bobenrieth’s wedding next year.

Bobenrieth plans to take Fred and Betty on vacation soon, documenting their adventures on Bradford Burger King’s Facebook page. They’ll visit a moose display at Vermont’s Science and Nature Museum and the northernmost Burger King owned by Carroll’s.

According to both the pastor and Bobenrieth, the event is meant to be lighthearted fun, celebrating the quirky charm that has endeared the moose mascots to the community.


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