Taco Bell Introduces Major Value Meal Amid Fast Food Competition

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New York (CNN) — In the midst of this summer’s fast food value meal showdown, Taco Bell is stepping up with one of its largest deals yet.

Announced Thursday, the “Luxe Cravings Box” features four of Taco Bell’s most beloved items: a Chalupa Supreme taco, a beefy 5-layer burrito, a double-stacked taco, chips with nacho cheese sauce, and a medium drink — all for just $7. This deal represents a substantial 55% savings compared to purchasing each item separately.


Available on menus until September, the offer reflects Taco Bell’s response to economic pressures impacting the dining habits of consumers, encouraging them to return with attractive pricing.


Similar to moves by Starbucks, Burger King, and now McDonald’s, Taco Bell aims to entice budget-conscious customers and boost spending ahead of upcoming earnings reports.


“We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy affordable fast food daily,” said Taylor Montgomery, Taco Bell’s chief marketing officer. He emphasized that their deal provides “full-sized favorites,” distinguishing it from competitors offering smaller portions.


Montgomery highlighted that the “Luxe Cravings Box” is Taco Bell’s most generous offer to date, promising consumers more than ever before. However, he declined to comment on whether the new promotion is being sold at a loss.

In its latest earnings report, Taco Bell’s same-store sales in the US increased by just 2%, marking a significant drop from the 11% growth seen in the same quarter last year. Yum Brands, Taco Bell’s parent company, has acknowledged that reduced consumer spending on fast food has contributed to these challenges.


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