50 Cent Once Took Taco Bell to Court Over A joke That Went Wrong

by Nick
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50 Cent once took Taco Bell to court over a joke that went wrong. In 2008, Taco Bell playfully asked 50 Cent to consider changing his name to 79 Cent, 89 Cent, or 99 Cent as part of a promotion called ‘Why Pay More?’ aimed at reducing prices.

However, instead of directly addressing 50 Cent, Taco Bell sent the joking letter to journalists. This move led to a lawsuit from the rapper, accusing Taco Bell of using his name and image without permission to promote their products, which misled customers into thinking he endorsed Taco Bell.


The lawsuit sought $4 million in damages, claiming that Taco Bell’s actions unfairly associated 50 Cent with their brand without his consent. In response, Taco Bell’s spokesperson mentioned that they had made a charitable offer to 50 Cent to temporarily change his name and rap his order at a Taco Bell, along with a donation to his chosen charity.


Although the lawsuit was settled in favor of 50 Cent, the specific terms of the settlement were not disclosed. Both parties agreed not to discuss the details publicly, stating that they were satisfied with the resolution.


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