Jollibee Group Partners with First Gen to Install 16,800 Solar Panels

by Nick

The Jollibee Group is teaming up with First Gen Corporation to install 16,800 solar panels at four of its manufacturing sites.

This move aims to enhance the food chain’s commitment to renewable energy (RE).


First Gen, the largest renewable energy provider in the Philippines, supports companies in their sustainability efforts by offering solutions for more efficient electricity use.


Jollibee Group began its switch to renewable energy in November 2023 by powering its Zen3 plant in Canlubang, Laguna.


They later added the Canlubang Baking Facility (CBF), their largest manufacturing site, bringing the combined capacity of these two facilities to 5.05 megawatts (MW).


Recently, two more facilities joined the renewable energy initiative: Jollibee Worldwide Services-Logistics (JWS-L) in Paranaque and the C3 manufacturing plant in Laguna, together adding 4.05 MW of capacity.

These four sites are expected to reduce the chain’s grid power usage by 15% annually, marking a significant step towards a greener future.

“This is a significant milestone in our sustainability journey at the Jollibee Group. These initiatives are more than just technological advancement, but more importantly a shared commitment to preserving our planet and furthering our collective responsibility to create a more sustainable future,” said Michael Ong, Jollibee Group Vice President and Head of Supply Chain.

The switch to renewable energy at these manufacturing sites is part of Jollibee’s global sustainability agenda, in response to the United Nations’ urgent call to action.

Vincent Martin Villegas, senior vice president and chief operating officer of Pi Energy at First Gen Corporation, expressed excitement about continuing the partnership with Jollibee to ensure a sustainable future.

First Gen Corporation, a division of First Philippine Holdings Corporation (FPH), has the largest portfolio of clean and renewable energy power plants in the country.


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